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Germany is increasingly proving to be a very attractive place for higher education. In times with huge difficulties in the labour markets in many countries affected by the financial crisis, Germany is still impressing with its robust and much diversified export oriented economy.

With Germany as study destination, students have many choices for the time after their studies: whether they stay in Germany, return to their home country or work for a German or international company in any other country, those who have been through the university system in Germany have very high chances of being selected for higher ranking jobs in an ever more globalizing world.

Why Study in Germany?

  • High quality studies
  • Many innovative and interdisciplinary
  • Bachelor and Master Programs
  • Best value for your studies: No tuition fees
  • (up to €500 administration fees per semester may apply)
  • Many internship possibilities
  • Huge job market after studies
  • Worldwide job prospects with German degree and German language in many fields

Study and stay in Germany

For promising career prospects worldwide — Study in Germany technology related subjects from A to Z, for example:

Aeronautical engineering


Automotive engineering


Chemical engineering

Civil engineering

Clothing engineering

Computer Sciences

Electrical engineering

Environmental engineering

Energy engineering

Marine engineering

Materials science

Mechanical engineering


Medical engineering



Optical Science

Printing technology

Process engineering

Production engineering


Textile engineering

Admission Process – 4 to 8 weeks

Visa Fee € 60

Self-Sponsor with balance €8640 (Euro)

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